Spiritual Health

Spiritual Care

Spirituality is one of the core values within Providence Health Care. Spiritual Health Practitioners provide compassionate, whole person care, recognizing one’s physical, spiritual and psychosocial needs. As members of an inter-professional care team, we work closely with other team members in the delivery of care. 

Spiritual Care services available:

  • Patient and family-focused visitations to people from all (or no) spiritual backgrounds 

  • Appropriate religious/spiritual resources and rituals to patients, family members, and to hospice palliative care staff

  • On-going supportive presence for patients and families, in collaboration with other psychosocial care providers (e.g., psychologist, counselor, etc.) 

  • Help patients/family mitigate moral and ethical challenges

  • Consultations on appropriate cultural strategies for communicating to patients and families regarding pain and suffering, anticipatory and complicated grief, as well as bereavement

  • Facilitate care decisions based on the respect of patient and family cultural and religious attitudes, beliefs and practices

  • Integrate collaborative and facilitative processes that are important to hospice/palliative care within the institutional culture and system

To find out more, please visit the Pastoral Services section of our main website.