In Residential Care

In a Residential Care Setting

Almost everyone who moves to residential care can benefit from connecting with the Palliative Outreach and Consult Team.  

We will be there to provide support at these key times in your stay at residential care:

  • Move-In
  • With each significant health event*
  • Care conferences** (initial and annual)
  • Family meetings suggested by the team or upon your request 


* Significant health event

  • Significant health events are events that change a resident’s ability to live as they did before
  • A significant health event may impact a resident’s ability to eat, move or communicate
  • Significant health events can include trips to the hospital, infections (such as pneumonia) and falls

** Care conference

  • A Care conference is when we meet with the resident and his or her family. We believe the resident and family are important members of the care team. Together, we talk about the resident’s Care Plan and whether any changes are needed to meet the resident’s care needs. (The Care Plan is a written plan of what the resident’s needs and wishes are and how they are to be met.)

Resident Care Conference Form

To find out more about how the team supports residents in a residential care setting, please review the Palliative Outreach and Consult Team section of this site.

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