Outreach and Consult Team

The Palliative Outreach and Consult Team is available to provide an extra layer of support for those living with life-limiting illness. The team's support is available to inpatients, outpatients and our residents.

The Mission of the Palliative Outreach and Consult Team includes:

  • Ongoing support and education to primary teams, patients, residents and families regarding a palliative approach to care. 
  • Interdisciplinary, person-centered assessment.
  • Collaboration with primary team.
  • Liaising and/or consulting other disciplines.
  • Optimizing pain and symptom management.
  • Meeting with patient, resident, family and interdisciplinary team to assist with complex decision-making.
  • Supporting patients, residents and their families with psychosocial needs. 
  • Providing formal and informal education to interdisciplinary team, patients, residents and families.

Who we are

We are a team of doctors and nurses who specialize in providing quality palliative care across PHC at St Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals and residential care sites.

Where we fit

We work at each site as a member of an interdisciplinary team made up of your doctor, nurses, care aides, pharmacist, rehabilitation therapists and social worker to support you in navigating your care as your disease progresses over time.

What we do

We work with those with chronic, life-limiting, progressive and irreversible disease.  

We support families and staff in caring for these complex patients and residents in four ways:

1.  Symptom management

  • Pain 
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • And any other symptom that causes discomfort

2.  Care planning conversations

  • To better understand disease and the impact on a resident’s life
  • To discuss what to expect as disease progresses over time
  • To establish goals of care
  • To prepare for the death of a loved one

3.  Education

  • For residents, families and staff about all above and related topics

4.  Counselling and support

  • For residents, families and staff 

How to access palliative outreach and consult team services