Inpatient Care

St. Paul’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit

The Palliative Care Unit (PCU) is located on the 10th floor at St Paul’s Hospital – Providence Building.

It is a 12-bed unit that focuses on the acute care needs of those people living with life-limiting illness. It is a place where complex pain and other symptoms can be investigated, diagnosed and treated. Once symptoms are brought under control, a determination is made as to where the best location for future care might be. The options for ongoing care include hospices, residential care facilities or back to one’s own home. 

The PCU is staffed with a team of health care professionals. 

Students of all professional groups are welcome to the PCU, to encourage an opportunity for learners to understand how to deliver acute palliative care. If this is of interest to you, please refer to our contact page for more info on how to be in touch with us.

There are also a number of trained volunteers who assist with a number of services and provide extra support. If this is of interest, please refer to our volunteers page.