For you or a loved one to be eligible for hospice care or respite hospice care in BC, the following criteria must be met:

  • The client is 19 years of age or older, is enrolled in the BC Palliative Care Benefits Program and has been diagnosed with an end-stage illness with a life expectancy of three months, or less.

  • The client agrees to the Hospice Philosophy. 

  • Based on prior discussion with the referring source the client and family clearly indicate the desire to be in a hospice setting.

  • The client and family express a desire for the client not to die at home.

  • The client can no longer safely stay at home by him/herself due to no caregiver at home or the caregiver cannot safely care for the client at home with available resources.

  • The client is in need of ongoing symptom management but not acute symptom management requiring medical treatment in an acute care setting, e.g., a hospital.

  • The client requires Specialized Palliative Care that would include some/all of the following:
    • Complex wound management.
    • Medical management.
    • Regular clinical assessment and intervention concerning changing symptoms and or coping with psychological and or spiritual distress.
    • Significant assistance with activities of daily living as the client is mainly in bed or unable to do most activities without assistance/supervision.
    • Major assistance with personal care versus housekeeping, e.g. laundry, housekeeping, shopping.
  • The client has a Palliative Performance Scale rating of 40% or less. 

  • The client and family are willing to move into available hospice within 48 hours of notice.

  • The client and family are aware that there is a standard user fee involved for hospice care. However, fees can be waived for financial hardship.